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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Avenging Spiderman #4 - waste of money imo. Quite boring. I.Don't.Miss. You could see how that was going to play out by page 6. Hope Cap is better next month. This title just got put on notice.

Venom #13.2 - I continue to enjoy the Circle of Four, mainly cause it's such a dominant Ghost Rider story. It would've been better served to have this story as a last ditch attempt to bolster sales in Ghost Rider with the guest stars involved. It only, at best, serves as a periphery crossover of merit with Venom. If there weren't three more issues in this arc then perhaps the "death" of all 4 might even cause one to blink. This also set up the conclusion for Ghost Rider #9 where Alejandara fights to redeem the souls of those in Nicaragua that she took upon first becoming Ghost Rider.
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