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Re: A (hopefully) interesting fanfic discussion topic!

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Halfway Station is essentially the only safe haven between the Federation and the asteroid-field - if your ship has a problem there are no habitable planets to seek refuge on - the whole region is a vast, uninhabitable realm.
Let me make a alteration, between the Federation and the asteroid field there are two large alien powers, empires-republics-kingdoms-whatever. Neither is openly hostile towards the Federation, however neither want the the Federation cutting through their territory (stay off my yard). Now, while they are not hostile toward the Federation, they can't stand each other and have fought a series of wars.

Between them now is a neutral zone.

The only reasonably short route to the asteroid field is to traverse the length of this neutral zone from one end to another. The course required to is as twisted as the zone itself, and civilian ships aren't known for their precision navigational systems.

Entering the territories, on either side could trigger a new war, which amount other things, would close the route to the asteroid field.

Halfway Station is situated in the neutral zone, towed there in pieces and reassembled.

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What about the aliens having a 'slang' name that the prospectors and everyone use to refer to them ...
How about a nice girls name, like "Sue."

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Cimmerian Cluster
Ah, the birth place of Conan the Barbarian. Cimmerian does have the advantage of containing no apostrophes.

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