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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Some genuine progress...for me anyway.

I'm actually working on only one half of the ship because other than registry numbers and such the design is mostly symmetrical. But I've duplicated the one side and reversed it to give a better understanding of where I'm at.

This mightn't seem like much and seem like rather slow progress compared to some of the other vastly more skilled modellers around here, but bear in mind I'm learning this from scratch as I go along.

Anyway I spent more than two days trying to fashion the upper nose section, something that looks rather simple, but I had a lot of difficulty getting it the way I want. And believe it still really isn't exact, but it's close enough. I know where there are one or two small flaws, but I'm not pointing them out.

The side of the nose section looks so dark because there is a lot of visible geometry there that I can't understand from where it came. When I used a similar method to build the main section I didn't get that kind of geometry. So go figure. For me what's important is that I got the shape I wanted. Also when the ship is finished I'll eliminate a lot of the unneeded internal geometry because all I need is the outer shell for the finished model.

Next I'm moving on to the lower nose section which extends from the nose to about midway under the main section. I'm including an image of the scout to give a better sense of what shapes are what.

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