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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

WOW! Great news about Terry O'Quinn!!!

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That's a classic format. Star Trek did it. Sherlock Holmes did it. Odysseus did it. I like it just fine.
The average TV show is not being written by Homer. Maybe Homer Simpson.
The quality of individual series or stories doesn't impact the validity of a particular format. The difference between episodic and serialized television is the same difference as short stories and novels; neither one is inherently superior to the other.
There are more really good shows on now with a serialized format vs episodic. This could be because cable = better quality and cable = serialized format rather than quality = serialized format, but the correlation is unmistakable.

btw: I think Justified's first season is an excellent example of how to do a "case of the week" show right.
If Justified had stuck with that format, it wouldn't have progressed to being the brilliant show it is now.
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