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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

In case any of you guys are interested in doing PvP ever, a few skills you should and should not take into PvP.

Tactical team - quickly auto redistributes your shields, so it's a bit like a mini RSP except it lasts for 15 seconds and reacts to projectile weapons. Great against alpha strikes and sustained attacks alike. A good portion of players take two of these.

Hazard emitters - Needed for clearing a whole host of debuffs, from simple plasma fire to the Hargh'Peng debuff.

Should not:-
Boarding party - It's countered by tactical team, which pretty much everyone has (especially escorts).

Jam sensors - It's a fragile placate, meaning if cast on a target and you continue you firing at it, jam sensors will clear. It's really a waste of a sci power, when something better can be used instead.

Attack pattern beta - A bit like boarding party, in that it's cured by tactical team which virtually everyone has. Great in STFs though.

Acteon field - This is a bit of waste of an engineer slot. It's debuff doesn't do much and it's clearable by hazard emitters. Something more useful, like Aux2SIF3, eject warp plasma or extend shields should be used in its place.
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