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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I saw someone complaining last night that they had used 80 keys and still didn't find a Galor ship. What's so special about that ship that people are burning through money to acquire one?
It's technically better then the Excelsior, which is the most offensive Fed ship available.

Compared to the excelsior it has the same console slots, the same lt cmdr tact station, better shields, better turnrate and can potentially have 8 engineer Boff abilities equipped.

It does have slightly less hull, but if you shield tank well that'll mean nothing.

To put it another way, If I had to choose between a free +1 Odyssey (which will likely still be lacklustre) and this Galor, I'd chose the Galor without hesitation.

That all said, it's not something I'm too interested in getting. In fact the biggest draw to getting a Galor for me would be to sell it on the exchange.

I wonder home much money Cryptic has made on master keys...

A small fortune I'd bet.

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Actually, I have a question about that. On my three characters, I have a growing number of those spoonhead boxes, but I got a different one when I ran my third character through the FE. It's a gold spoonhead box, whats the difference? Different items? Or just a higher chance for the more rare items?
Yeah, higher chance of rare items.
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