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... And I really think that a mixed crew adventure would work better than an unknown crew, and as much as I would love a Stargazer movie, fact is that returning mayb 6-7 characters from the TNG/DS9/VOY crew wouldn't be as costly as some might think, just think about the fact that some of them don't have any real jobs at all right now, but for a Star Trek fan seeing Harry Kim as Second in Command aboard the Defiant or Titan would be a pretty huge deal. But all remains a fan boy dream as CBS isn't showing moods to bring back Trek where it belongs: to the small screen.
I can think of numerous actors/characters that would be welcomed back: Kira, Odo, Garak, Jeffrey Combs, the EMH from Voyager, Connor Trineer, John Billingsly, a group of Surviving Romulans as regulars, etc. I just don't see Harry Kim as Second in Command generating any excitement from the fans, though.
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