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Would it have been fair to base you entire opinion of ME2 from the Lazarus Station mission? No. That'd be crazy.
I dunno, Lazarus Station set up pretty much everything I disliked about ME2 - working for Cerberus, much smaller health pools, ammo clips...
Fair point. I wasn't crazy about those things either, but I suppose my point is that the rest of the game made up for it in spades.

Actually, wasn't there a ME2 demo? I'm sure I've seen one on Steam but I never bothered to play it. I'd be interested to know what part of the game they chose to use and how (if at all) it differed from the full game.

And hey, it's not like I'm perfectly happy with the ME3 demo either. The cover/jumpy-rolly system is driving me nuts! That plus it appears the heavy melee only work from cover if the enemy happens to be standing on the other side of said cover. At one point I had a trooper sneak up behind me and when I turned to face him and hit the melee button, nothing happened and I got shotgunned in the face because I was still "attached" to the bloody wall! So I hit space and Shepard dived across to a different wall (still in the line of fire) and got *another* hit. Thankfully at that point Liara saved me with a singularity and I was able to disentangle myself, but it rather soured the experience.
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