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STO Newbie Question: My Stations display says that my ship has two Engineering stations, a Lieutenant Commander and a Lieutenant. I have one engineer, but when I get a New Officer candidate, it always tells me that no bridge officer slots are available. It sure looks to me that I have an open slot. Is this an artificial limitation that I have to buy my way out of with C points or something in order to fill that open station? Thanks in advance for any help on this.
It's not related to your ship. It means that you have no open bridge officer slots available in your roster. Press "u" then Look on the left side of your screen. Are there any open slots there? If not you need to do some spring cleaning or buy more slots. New people often keep bridge officers that are worthless. If a bridge officer doesn't have a rare skill that you need or the efficient space skill, sell them.

It sounds like you're trying to populate a Galaxy cruiser. How did you get that far with only one Engineer?

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