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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I have just finished Children of the Storm. For everyone who's saying that they won't read Star Trek any more because of the dark turn it's taken recently - wars, conflicts, death on massive scale - I'd invite you to read this book. Put aside your blind hatred of non-Janeway fiction, too, those who have that viewpoint. Because for me, just one line in Children was enough to convince me:

"We met you with deadly force and you responded by giving us two great gifts," Gwyn replied. "We wish to continue to explore the possibilities you have created for us."

In my mind, this is the core principle of the Federation, and Children demonstrates it perfectly. You don't use force to get out of bad situations unless there's no other choice. Always strive for a peaceful solution, even if the other party has done nothing to deserve your help. Be the better man.

The conflict between O'Donnell and Fife demonstrated this in microcosm, but Eden's course of action - going against Chakotay, whose chosen strategy would probably have antagonised the Children further - cemented it. Children of the Storm isn't a novel about war and destruction, and I'm very pleased that Ms. Beyer didn't choose to make the Children into the next big antagonists for the Trek universe. It doesn't necessarily follow that with the Borg gone, there's a power vacuum that can only be filled by someone bigger and nastier than they were.

In short, I really enjoyed Children, and am now - for the first time! - fully caught up with one particular strand of TrekLit, which means that, like the rest of you, I'm very eagerly anticipating The Eternal Tide!
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