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I would watch any post-Nemesis Trek miniseries, if it happened, but I don't think it ever will.

But here are the "dream" scenarios where I would most like to see a Trek Miniseries:

1. Post Enterprise series based, during the Earth- Romulan War, featuring hte crew of the NX-01. I think this would be something that would give that crew the proper send off they deserved, and would make up for These are the Voyages.

2. USS Stargazer series, based around young Captain Picard assuming command

3. Post Nemesis series, based on the Prime universe, after the destruction of Romulus, with a mixed cast including some TNG\DS9\VOY cast members
FWIW, all of this has happened in the novels, although they haven't quite gotten to the destruction of Romulus, yet.
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