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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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No...I quit following Treklit awhile back, so I hadn't read it.
Wow. Definitely glad I skipped that one.
I can definitely see, Nerys Ghemor, how you, as a fan of the Cardassians, would not care for their treatment in Rise Like Lions. However, I found the book itself to be highly redemptive of the MU arc as a whole.

There is not one sex scene in the entire book (at least from what I remember). The plot moves along at a good clip and keeps you interested. And the ending is one of the most awesome endings I have ever read, in several different ways.

So, I mean, it may still not be your cup of tea, but if someone enjoyed "Crossover," then I bet they would enjoy Rise Like Lions.

(Sorry, Nerys Ghemor, to address this specifically to you; I remember someone, a few pages back, remarking on how DS9 MU stories went downhill, and I wanted to comment how, in my opinion, RLL brings them back up. )
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