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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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A review has no merit if it's presented from a bias point of view because it's lost it's objectivity. Complaining is not a review, it's simply using a format to bitch.
Could you give us an example of a negative TV show or movie review that is based on objectivity and not presented from a biased point of view?
There are plenty of critics and press that have been openly bias about the personal attitudes of such actors like Russell Crowe and Sean Penn, yet that bias isn't shown nor does it affect the reviews of their films or movie projects. They are base upon their performance or film subject content. Richard Gere was black listed by the press and public for comments he made after 9/11, yet his political point of view has no effect on any review of his films he did after.
I am not sure where the analogue is. Does sfdebris have a personal issue with an actor? Why is complaining not a review?
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