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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I think the fact that "Timeless" revolves around two of my least favorite characters kind of drags it down in my estimation. I mean, I do enjoy it a lot and its a technically excellent episode - good story, effects, concept, its an event episode but it still features Harry and Chakotay, blugh. And neither of them do a particularly good job of acting in it either.
Think of it as making the episode even more impressive because it succeeds not because of that issue, but despite it.

Honestly, this is one of the few times I think Chakotay and Kim aren't generally disappointing for one reason or another.

And I do love that crash scene. I wince at the impact every time. No starship deserves to have that happen. Though I do wonder, morbidly, whether everyone was actually killed in the impact, or whether there were other factors. I guess I'm just too used to Our Heroes surviving crashes of one form or another. And I'll grant that it might have been over-the-top and depressing to see anyone survive only to suffer a much slower and probably more agonizing death from cold or starvation or such.
It was the best of Trek, it was the worst of Trek...
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