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Re: Earth Final Conflict: Season 5 - Best Episodes

I watched Earth: Final Conflict during its original run. I knew in advance thanks to the internet that EFC Season 5 and X-Files Season 9 would be horrendously bad, at least to the standards of each series. I didn't think I could handle that much crappiness at the same time, and back-to-back days in the week too, so I chose to watch just 1 show. I chose EFC because as much as a trainwreck as it seemed to be, X-Files seemed a bigger trainwreck. Of course, X-Files was chugging along at much greater speed, so it made a bigger crash. EFC was cruising at oh, about 15mph (slow motion trainwreck).

I watched it, saw almost all episodes, but you know what, very few episodes stick in my head. I have a good memory with many tv shows' episodes and seeing a title usually makes me recall at least the basic story in the least, though a number of EFC's blur a bit, even previous seasons (probably a result of being hour 4 of a 4-hour action block and EFC being consistently mediocre vs. DS9, Hercules, Xena). It was a chore to watch it and I'm guessing I glazed over and my mind felt the memories weren't worth recording during several eps. But saying all of that, in the absence of a good or pretty good sci-fi series, it is watchable.

I'd also recommend Star Trek: Voyager for sci-fi fans who are looking for something to watch. It wasn't horrible, it just didn't live up to people's expectations. Its reception was so vitriolic because the haters were passionate about it whereas the fans (myself included) were not as passionate, feeling it to be fairly good but not really good or good but not great. It lives up to the Star Trek name for quality of production. It looked like a full production, something many other UPN shows can't say (they looked like lower than average budget syndicated series). It has some episodes people feel are really bad, but come on DS9 has "Profit and Lace", "Ferengi Love Songs" and TNG has some real pieces of crap too. And it's 7 seasons or any 4 seasons were better than Enterprise on the whole, though Season 3 (Xindi Arc) was among the finest Star Trek season ever. Season 4 was much better than lackluster Season 1-2 but suffered some of its own issues (too much TOS references and themes all to please the fans, felt too self-referential, too many arcs, horrendous ending).

Other series: Highlander (Seasons 3-5 considered the best. Season 6 considered rather weak, Season 1 slightly boring. Maybe Season 2 is a good starting point), Adventures of Sinbad (campy, low budget yet endearing, cast felt like it had very strong camaraderie. Season 2 is depressing though due to Tribune-esque interference and Bryn < Maeve). Not sure about Mortal Kombat, Crow, Lost World, Sheena, Relic Hunter. Avoid at all costs Conan (the live-action show; the cartoon was great, a hidden gem), Tarzan, Highlander: Raven (alienated Highlander fans, an Immortal actress who's afraid of a sword, didn't attract new viewers either). Beastmaster is another lackluster Tribune series, Mutant X is Tribune rips off X-Men but takes what should be a cool idea and makes it 10 layers of blandness. From someone who read a lot of X-comics in the '90s, it didn't get me with the 1st episode and 2 episodes in, I stopped watching. Baywatch Nights was supposedly legendarily bad. I'd like to hear from a glutton for punishment to watch EFC Season 5 and Baywatch Nights Season 1 & 2 to get a sense of what's worse.

Refreshing what little memory formed of Season 5 and looking at episode synopses...
The Boone episodes were mildly interesting. "Termination", they hyped that it had Margot Kidder. Can't remember if it was any good or not. "Atavus High" was laughably bad and really seemed to cement this was Renee the Atavus Slayer. Might be campy once you get past the initial atavus revulsion. The episodes involving the Stonehenge Atavus presence seemed mildly intriguing ("Entombed", "Legacy"?). "Deportation" was obviously social commentary along with Enterprise "Detained". Can't remember it though. Yulyn added a little more dimension to the season in the end though the ending few eps were very lackluster (yet better than "These are the Voyages..."). Sorry I couldn't be of more help despite being one of the few original viewers it seemed to have. I wasn't drunk or high during any of the episode viewings... I just can't remember it.

And Andromeda. I watched part of that series.
* Saw Season 1, knew it was crappy sci-fi and could see from a mile away Sorbo was going to pout until it was Hercules in space. I liked Hercules, but he didn't have much leverage with shaping the show because he was a no-name until it got big (though he did in the end, choosing to end it because he hated being on an island on the opposite side of the world from Hollywood). Its quality ranged from better than EFC's middle seasons at times to below EFC's average quality. Rommie & Trance were big plusses. With better writers, Rommie could have been a major sci-fi character. Da'an was, though thank's to the series' obscurity and going down the tubes, Da'an/Leni Parker isn't remembered alongside Spock/Nimoy. Her performance was the diamond amongst the coal, graphite, and buckyballs that was EFC.

* Season 2- Watched thru "Ouroboros" (when Wolfe was forced out), saw a few episodes beyond. My interest steeply dropped off after 2 or 3 episodes. Even before "Ouroboros", the quality wasn't that good. Over its run Andromeda felt like it had sub-EFC quality.

* Season 3- saw parts of 2 episodes, complete crap. In what fragments I saw, it seemed very inconsistent. I felt there was better crap to waste time watching. I;ve heard look for the episodes written by Stentz & Miller (?). Supposedly they were the only ones to care about keeping to the Season 1-2 style, not Hercules in Space.
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