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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Have you read David Mack's "Rise like lions"?
It also features prominently enough cardassian civilisation. Also MU.
It turns out cardassians are way WAY susceptible to telepathic mind-reading and control.
No...I quit following Treklit awhile back, so I hadn't read it.
I got that book for Christmas. That made me quite irritated. I like Cardassians (even the MU ones, who are arguably even more badass). Then again, its written by David Mack, the guy who wrote Star Trek Destiny (it was a good book, but the plot sucked) and killed off the Borg (and turned them into angels or some crazy shit like that), so I suppose I should have expected some plot like that.

So glad Trek books aren't canon.
For Cardassia!

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