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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Generation Hope 16-- I am going to miss this book after next issue. In this issue, Kenji makes his move against Hope, the mutant messiah. But is he totally in the wrong? Who is the villain here? Over on the CBR boards I read some comments that some people didn't like this book because of the lack of an arch-foe, but Generation Hope has been much more subtle than that. The greatest threat(s) come from within.

Uncanny X-Men 7-- This issue slowed things down a bit. Kieron Gillen has said that this issue was originally supposed to be the end of the Tabula Rasa arc, but there was just too much story to tell, so he had to expand it by an issue. In turn, this issue feels a little padded out. Sadly, this meant reducing the next arc, the final team-up with the Avengers before AvX, by an issue.

Avengers 22/ New Avengers 21-- I have to say that I am not totally in agreement with Admiral_Young about the current Avengers storyline. The whole Dark Reign thing was just too recent for me to be re-hashing it. I haven't gotten over being sick of Norman Osborn yet. That said, I think I enjoyed New Avengers better this week. The battle with Clor was fun, and I am liking Doreen/Squirrel Girl a lot more than I thought that I would.

Daredevil 9-- This title continues to impress. Daredevil investigates the disappearance of the missing coffins (including his fathers) all of the way to the Mole Man's kingdom. The final page, where the Mole Man apparently finds what he was looking for, is just creepy.

Winter Soldier 2-- Still awesome. Last issues attempt on the life of Dr. Doom went about as well as expected-- it just made him mad.

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I notice Clint no longer seems to have his mask any more. I've forgotten. Was his identity exposed or did he reveal it during Bendis' run?
He went on live TV to denounce Norman Osborn and his Avengers during Dark Reign and the news station used his real name.
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