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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Apple (Kirk's favourite fruit)
B is for Betazoid
C is for Ceti Alpha V
D is for Denebian slime devil (not to be confused with James T. Kirk)
E is for Enterprize H.M.S. (One of the firstships to be named Enterprise)
F is for Farrell, Terry
G is for Genesis
H is for "Hauling garbage" (proposed mission for NCC-1701, but Scotty expressed some disapproval)
I is for I Borg
J is for Jericho, which Kamala (the empathic metamorph) compared Picard's resolve to the walls of...
K is for Kamen
L is for Lollipop, USS
M is for Menos
N is for Narendra III
O is for Ore processing
P is for Pineapple (which JJ joked that Star Trek XII might be subtitled)
Q is for Quantum Phase Inhibitor (or Tox Uthat, if you are vacationing on Risa)
R is for Richard Robau, Bad-ass Starfleet Captain
S is for "Stella... SHUT UP!!!
T is for Tin plated, overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood (brought to you by the letters D and H)
U is for Universal Translator (needed since Starfleet lacks both Babel Fish and Tardises...)
V is for Voyager, U.S.S. Named after the famous 20th Century minivan. Captained by a soccer-mom.
W is for "Wolf in the Fold" (TOS episode)
X is Xenobiology
Z is for Zenite (TOS: "The Cloud Minders")

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