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Earth Final Conflict: Season 5 - Best Episodes

What are the best episodes of EFC S5?

Before you point out that "best" and EFC:S5 are contradictions, or claim that "best S5 ep" is just an oxymoron, I'll just say that I agree.

Season 5 of Earth Final Conflict is around 10 years old. (Yes, you are that old). And I've never seen it - despite the fact that I've seen Season 1 several times. In fact, Season 1 of EFC is one season of Sci Fi that I am most fond of.

But it must be the general lack of good TV scifi now that there is no Star Trek, no nBSG, no new WHO eps for a while, and since I've seen B5 only about a dozen times, I needed something different. Anything really.

And so in desperation I turned to Season 5 of Earth Final Conflict. (I'll admit, my first instinct was to watch the later seasons of Andromeda, but I couldn't even get through all of Season 3. It was that bad.)

There are at least two episodes that I think are actually quite good:
5x19 Subversion, and
5x16 Deportation.
Both episodes would be highly entertaining to anyone who enjoyed Babylon 5, or even some of the darker DS9 episodes.

There are two somewhat fun romps through history,
5x15 Grave Danger is EFC's take on Indiana Jones. And if you're willing to be silly, it is fun; and
5x10 Legacy has quite an endearing Othello, and manages not to be racist at all.

The episodes with where they bring back Boone are sadly somewhat of a waste (Boone's Awakening and Boone's Assassin), but Renee gets a much better boyfriend in 5x17 Honour and Duty, which for some reason reminded me of the old War of the Worlds TV show. I'm not sure why.

And finally there are two episodes that do a good job of humanizing the Atavus (which are the aliens that replace the Talons and Juridians in Season 5):
5x18 Bad Genes, and
5x09 Entombed.

Add in Death Suite, Atavus High, and Deep Sleep (511, 512, and 513), and you have a fairly reasonable season of TV.

Is Season 5 of Earth Final Conflict terrible? Yes.

It is godawful. The first 4 episodes are an abomination, the last 2 episodes are utter crap, and frankly, without Boone, Lilly, Doors, Da'an, Zo'or and Auger - how the fuck can they even call this the same show?!? The action is comical, the plots are weak, there are far too many clip-shows, and even Sandoval is much less compelling when he doesn't have a decent foil to work with. Don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of turning EFC into Renee the Atavus Slayer. FUCK!

But that said, if you do want a pain-minimizing experience of EFC S5, I would recommend:

5x05 Boone's Awakening

5x09 Entombed

5x10 Legacy

5x11 Death Suite

5x12 Atavus High

5x13 Deep Sleep

5x15 Grave Danger

5x16 Deportation

5x17 Honour and Duty

5x18 Bad Genes

5x19 Subversion

They are just a youtube click away. So go ahead, waste a day
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