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Re: A (hopefully) interesting fanfic discussion topic!

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And maybe a number of runabout size ships, and sublight shuttles as well, operating off of a beat up old carrier, vintage Romulan War era, it basically loses it warp drive after it arrives.
I'll admit that I do like the imagery of this old carrier-type ship on its last legs finally running out of steam once it arrives, although the whole issue over Starfleet 'involvement' is a difficult one - this venture is a big thing with a lot of Federation citizens involved, so there needs to be a pretty strong reason why Starfleet (knowing how they operate) would send such a vessel and not a stronger force.

Or come up with a reason that Starfleet is left out altogether.
It doesn't have to be a Star Fleet vessel acting as carrier. Maybe a former Fleet ship, long obsolete, stripped of all weapons and sold off as surplus. Now under the command of a civilian consortium.
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