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Dev Blog: DS9 Bundle

Starting tomorrow (February 16, 2012), around 10AM PST, a DS9 Bundle will be available for sale in the C-Store for 1,800 C-Store points. This bundle contains brand-new items that will allow you to fly to Bajor or tour the Denorios Belt in style! The DS9 Bundle includes the following items:
The Federation “Belfast” Bridge and Interior Set

The classic look of the Defiant Class’s interior is now available in Star Trek Online! Visit brand-new interiors, including the Bridge and Engineering, which are complete with rounded corridors and traditional LCARS displays.
Unique Duty Officers*
Rare Romulan Technician Duty Officer: Unscrupulous, Emotional, Teamwork and Cunning Traits
Rare Bajoran Maintenance Engineer Duty Officer: Spiritual, Cunning, Teamwork and Stubborn Traits
Very Rare Cardassian Armory Duty Officer: Efficient, Honorable, Eidetic Memory and Teamwork Traits

New Costumes

Purchase of a DS9 Bundle will unlock the Bajoran Vedek and Dominion War Admiral costumes for your Federation characters.
New Weapons
• Bajoran Pistol (with Multi-Beam secondary firing mode) that increases in effectiveness with level.

• Bajoran Phaser Rifle (with Stun Beam secondary firing mode) that increases in effectiveness with level.

Type-10 (Chaffee) Shuttlecraft

After unlocking this option, visit a Federation shuttle vendor on Earth Spacedock, Starbase 39-Sierra or Deep Space 9 to claim your Type-10 shuttle. Items equipped on the Type-10 shuttlecraft can only be used on small craft.
Minimum Command Rank: Lieutenant
Crew: 4
Weapons: 2 Fore
Device Slots: 1
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Ensign Universal
Console Modifications: 1 Tactical, 1 Engineering, 1 Science
Base Turn Rate: 22 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.22
Hull Strength increases in effectiveness with level
Photon Torpedo Launcher that increases in effectiveness with level
Phaser Bank with 360-degree range of fire that increases in effectiveness with level
+5 Power to Engines
Emergency Power to Engines I
This shuttle also includes a Non-combat Type-10 Shuttlecraft pet that can be launched from your starship.
Note: Unlocking this bundle unlocks these items for all Federation characters on an account. Klingon Empire characters on the account may claim the Duty Officers, the Bajoran Pistol and the Bajoran Phaser Rifle.
*You must have space in your Duty Officer Roster to commission the included Duty Officers. If you do not have enough space, you can purchase additional slots from the C-Store or keep the Duty Officers in your bank until you do have space.
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