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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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missing the next episdoe
but I think it's one more day
shane and andrea do the nasty and andrea discovers her inner klingon, dale tells hershel that they know about the barn, lori tells rick she's pregnant and about her and shane, maggie and glen go to town to get morning after pills and maggie tells glen they treat him like walker bait

day 12
shand and hershel take walkers for a walk, daryl calls carol a stupid bitch and apolagizes, shane opens the barn
The problem with your time line is it's unclear how long it takes Carl to recover from his gunshot wound.

One day he's laying in the bed recovering and the next he's learning to shoot with Shane, seemingly fully recovered from his injuries.

Presumably it would take more than a day or two after having major surgery to be back on his feet and 100%.
Not a lot of time passed, but more than a day. My guess was a week. Yes, an improbably amount of time to heal from a gunshot, but this is television we're talking about.
I don't know if improbable is really a concern for the writers. It is a zombie show after all.
I don't know why they would show the rest of the show day by day, then suddenly jump ahead in time with no explanation. And Carl was told to go rest in the last episode. Just because he is out of bed doesn't mean he is fully recovered.
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