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Re: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey 2x01

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It's funny. I buy Matthew/Mary, but can't get into Sybil/Branson. The actors playing Matthew and Mary can pull off the yearning looks and unspoken feelings, ditto for Bates and Anna, but I'm not feeling any real heat between Sybil and the chaffeur, no matter how much the show keeps telling us they're in love.
Same here; Matthew ()/Mary and Anna/Bates have real chemistry but something is very lacking with Sybil/Branson. I think someone said up thread that Sybil was just looking for a ticket away from her family, to feel useful nursing, and running away with Branson is that ticket.

I can't wait for the next episode! They're going to be making a third series for next year so I hope they don't do a horrible cliffhanger. I don't think I could stand the year-long wait...
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