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I would watch any post-Nemesis Trek miniseries, if it happened, but I don't think it ever will.

But here are the "dream" scenarios where I would most like to see a Trek Miniseries:

1. Post Enterprise series based, during the Earth- Romulan War, featuring hte crew of the NX-01. I think this would be something that would give that crew the proper send off they deserved, and would make up for These are the Voyages.

2. USS Stargazer series, based around young Captain Picard assuming command

3. Post Nemesis series, based on the Prime universe, after the destruction of Romulus, with a mixed cast including some TNG\DS9\VOY cast members
I couldn't agree more ... Especially scenario no 3 would be nice from my point of view, I would love to see and adventure starting at post-Romulus Ds9, and mixing the crew together, like seeing that Sisko is back, and maybe the whole story would be in the USS Titan. And as for scenario 1 or 3: the sets were only taken down, not destroyed if I can remember correctly ... And I really think that a mixed crew adventure would work better than an unknown crew, and as much as I would love a Stargazer movie, fact is that returning mayb 6-7 characters from the TNG/DS9/VOY crew wouldn't be as costly as some might think, just think about the fact that some of them don't have any real jobs at all right now, but for a Star Trek fan seeing Harry Kim as Second in Command aboard the Defiant or Titan would be a pretty huge deal. But all remains a fan boy dream as CBS isn't showing moods to bring back Trek where it belongs: to the small screen.
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