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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

One thing I will say about Ferengi plots or subplots in general is that they do a good job with Quark, in my opinion. Quark is basically the default villain in all his interactions with family members, because he's the one trying to reign in their desires (desires we in the audience are supportive of). Rom, once he finally starts standing up for himself, wants to be "nice" to people and cooperate or compete on his own terms rather than subordinate himself to a business model he has no talent with. Nog wants to find a path that won't make him turn out like Rom, and bucks Ferengi tradition by joining a foreign military and becoming (a bit too eagerly) a disciplined soldier. Ishka wants to have the same opportunities for profit and cultural participation as the males. All of these are goals we support, and Quark is always the hand and voice of tradition trying to stop it. The great thing, in my opinion, is that Quark is still nonetheless treated with sympathy. He's just trying to be a good Ferengi and live by the rules and customs of his people, and ensure things work as they "should". Okay, to be fair that's easy to do when your culture says that as the eldest adult male you're basically Supreme Unquestioned Ruler of the Family, so that negates to some extent any nobility (or at least might make us question it...). Still, Quark is often treated as a surprisingly sympathetic figure while still being shown as "in the wrong", which makes for very interesting viewing. He tries to live his life by the rules, only none of his family will play along. They have to buck the rules all the time. We viewers usually cheer them on when they do, but we can also see and understand the strain it causes Quark. That's a surprisingly complex situation that does, to me, redeem somewhat the general...Ferenginess...of Ferengi plots.
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