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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Yup, I'm the one that posted that video. What I liked about it was that the punchline was so obvious but I still didn't see it coming when I first watched it. It was a case of being unable to see the forest due to all the trees.

Family Business (***)

I generally prefer Ferengi episodes when they dial back the humour and treat the subject a bit more seriously. They're a weird culture and it's far too easy to play that up in an attempt to get cheap laughs, and that makes it very hard to respect them as a culture even though that's what Trek is supposed to be about. Giving Ishka droopy knees, having Rom stick a drill in his ear, making the characters talk in funny voices... if the show wants us to respect these characters it has a funny way of going about it. Sure, the writers could be going for some sort of meta-commentary about how the viewers are prejudiced against an alien race because of their disgusting habits, but I can't get past the feeling that they only do these things for yuks.

So this episode is a bit hit and miss for me. I like that it's more serious than a typical Ferengi episode, touching upon Ferengi sexism as well as the family problems of Quark and Rom. But at the same time it still does the old Ferengi jokes that we all know and know. They're in shorter supply than normal because the episode tries to be a bit more serious, which does make them more tolerable. And the serious story isn't the finest example of family drama I've ever seen, but it does okay.

Meanwhile, Sisko is pressured by everyone into meeting Kassidy Yates. This plot is... after checking a thesaurus I can find no word that fits as well as "pleasant". It's light, it's grounded, it doesn't make me want to vomit like other Trek romance plots... it's pleasant. Sisko meets the woman that will become his significant other, there's no melodrama, he doesn't instantly fall in love with her, they hit it off over a shared interest signalling potential for the future. For such a simple little story it's surprisingly mature for Star Trek.
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