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Re: A (hopefully) interesting fanfic discussion topic!

To further drive home just how isolated the Draconi/Cimmerian/yet to be confirmed cluster actually is from Federation space, I think it's important to make the journey out a significant undertaking in itself - lets say three months in the civilian ships being used by these prospectors.

To that end I propose Halfway space station - essentially a backwater refuelling facility that has been dragged out from civilisation to a point (as the name suggests) halway between the asteroid field and the Federation's outermost post.

After six weeks trapped aboard ship going stir-crazy Halfway station is a welcome relief for these people before continuing on with their journey out to the asteroid field. But what started as a vital refuelling and resupply depot (for this region of space is home to virtually nothing but dying stars and airless planets) has evolved into a seedy place catering to whatever hungers these travellers have - bars, brothels, gambling dens and so on.

Halfway station also acts as a dropping off point for those people who are travelling without ships of their own, booking passage on freighters and tankers travelling from the Federation out to Halfway, and then on ships travelling from Halfway to the asteroid field. Some people even lose what money they have at the gaming tables and are unable to continue with their journey, leaving them stranded.

A humble contribution of mine.

Edited to add:
Halfway is situated six weeks out from the Federation on the outskirts of the "Cimmerian" Cluster and another six weeks from the asteroid field - this puts it and the ships travelling to it within range of these "Sioux" aliens who often launch hit-and-run attacks since they are based on a few planets in the region - perhaps breathe carbon-dioxide and live in environments lethally high in CO2 for example - and are thus able to live on worlds that are essentially useless to the usual Star Trek races.

So Halfway is not only a refuelling and resupply depot, it is a also fort located within hostile territory (carrying on the Native American theme) that is understandably a target for these aliens. It is protected by privately-owned warships that fend off whatever hit-and-run attacks are launched by the aliens, as well as coming to the aid of prospector vessels that come under attack nearby - imagine a small convoy being chased like a wagon train under attack by a group of Native American that just manages to reach the safety of Halfway station's guns)

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