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Re: A (hopefully) interesting fanfic discussion topic!

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They're from a nearby star system, this is one of the first star systems they've reached after developing warp drive. Their sole claim to the entire system amounts to "we were here first," and also "our home system is closer that yours."
Like it.
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The Sioux aliens have claimed the belt in it entirety, they are thinly spread through the belt, and only inhabit a small portion of it. They lack the technology to enforce their claim, and have resorted to isolated raids to encourage other to leave. Sometimes it works.
Already been said but still a good idea.
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The belt is slowly in the process of being divide up. Different species, not all from the Federation are arriving. Some are new comers, other have been there for decades, individual miners and also a few professional mining companies (Ezri Dax's family-like). And a couple large corporations too, causing friction with the independents.
Again, this has roughly been said already in some form but a good idea nonetheless.
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That would be one story possibility, are they of one mind concerning the raids? Some of them might just be traders, settlers, miners. Each with their own story.
I think this is one of the most interesting aspects of the entire concept - all these different people coming at the thing from different angles and different backgrounds.
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And maybe a number of runabout size ships, and sublight shuttles as well, operating off of a beat up old carrier, vintage Romulan War era, it basically loses it warp drive after it arrives.
I'll admit that I do like the imagery of this old carrier-type ship on its last legs finally running out of steam once it arrives, although the whole issue over Starfleet 'involvement' is a difficult one - this venture is a big thing with a lot of Federation citizens involved, so there needs to be a pretty strong reason why Starfleet (knowing how they operate) would send such a vessel and not a stronger force.

Or come up with a reason that Starfleet is left out altogether.
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