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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Lots of shows in recent years have told serialized stories rather than case/client-of-the-week stories, but the client format survives because it works. Yes, there's value in an ongoing, long-form story in which each episode is merely a chapter, provided the long-form story is worthwhile. But there's also value in having each episode be a complete and fulfilling tale in itself. If you're going to tell a story in an episodic format, it makes sense to structure it as a series of distinct episodes, rather than just one big story that takes a weeklong break after every 42 minutes of content. That's why plenty of shows these days combine a client-of-the-week plot formula with serialized character or mythology arcs. It's a balance that's proven successful and popular. (Although like any other format, it can become tired or cliched, particularly if it overdoes the approach of having every case of the week resonate directly and obviously with the main characters' personal arcs.)
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