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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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In terms of a general consensus amongst film buffs, there have been several good TOS films, but only one good TNG film (First Contact).
It is very much YMMV - depending on what you want from your Trek.

The TOS films covered such a wide array of styles (big ponderous sci-fi with TMP, action adventure with TWOK, whodunnit with TUC, environmentalist romantic comedy with TVH) that it is hard not to like at least one of them. None are great films, though the most critically respected is generally TWOK, with TMP getting honourable mentions for it's SFX, score and ambition.

TSFS and TFF are decidedly weaker than the others IMHO, but both have elements I love and a lot of other fans do. I would not want a trek canon without "Oh my God bones..." or the fun interplay between the three main characters in TFF.

The TNG movies on the other hand are a very odd bunch. They never really decide on the tone, so you get Generations, which saucer crash and Kirk cameo aside is just an episode of TNG. You also get two out and out action movies in FC and Nem, especially with the latter where it seems they took several set pieces and wrote a star trek story around them. The you get INS, and god knows what they were thinking, possibly a TVH effect but they might have wanted a better script if they were going to try that.

All eleven movies to date have their moments, and all are products of their time. How long-time fans perceive each one is very much dependent on what they want. Certainly those looking for a TMP style movie in the current climate will be very disappointed.
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