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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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are you kidding me these people have the most subjective reviews,all they do is hate on Voy check their forums. ugh.
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...unlike the Galaxy who was so fat and slow and barely moved in a battle.

Almost as if the CGI Voyager special-effects from the later seasons were a decade more advanced than the huge physical models used to film the Enterprise-D isn't it?

Although the CGI Galaxies in DS9 moved about quite a bit now I think about it.

Damn those people you mention and their idiotic comments...
you are a very annoying and idiotic person. check season 1 of Voyager where they used models just like TNG in episodes like ''ex post facto'' etc... you will understand how fast an intrepid moves.
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Hell, maybe it's just because VOY played an important role in this story that riles people up. If it had been Hugh and his group of Rebel Borg who cooked up the scheme and VOY offered to help, the audience wouldn't have been so pissed.

Exactly all those TNG fan boys cant even accept something positive to come out of Voyager.[/QUOTE]

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and when it took on the tactical cube they had Seven of nine expertise as well anti-Borg modifications made by a 29th century drone...also during that battle we saw Voyager making circles and maneuvering around the Tactical cube so fast,that is clearly a tactical advantage unlike the Galaxy who was so fat and slow and barely moved in a battle.
Voyager was going to be DESTROYED by a sphere in "Drone" despite the help from a 29th century drone. Voyager taking on a tactical cube in "Unimatrix Zero" was a load of bullsh*t, nothing can change my mind on that. That whole episode was awful and the first truly terrible Borg episode in my opinion (although I thought "Collective" wasn't very good), you can refer to sfdebris's recent review on how inept it was.

Voyager was going at full impulse around the cube firing all weapons and barely damaging it...i don't see you people mind that a Galaxy class blew up a cube in BOBW LOL and sfdebris are bullshit all the reviews are made by VoY Hater not objective at all.
Two things. One don't be calling other posters idiots. It's flaming and a violation of our rules. Two use the multi quote feature, as I have done here, when responding to multiple posters so as not to spam up the thread. Thanks.
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