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Well that was certainly fun. They certainly fixed the problem of the battlefields being too much like shooting galleries.
They did? Funny, they felt even more constrained and linear to me than ME2 does...

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If this was the new "normal" difficulty then they've defiantly stepping things up notch or two. It felt more like ME2's "hardcore" and in a good way. The enemy and squad AI was noticeably better and the enemies themselves were much more varied.
Well... I noticed that the "Veteran" difficulty was missing. I suspect that "Causal" became "Narrative", "Normal" -> "Casual", and "Veteran" -> "Normal" (with "Hardcore" and "Insanity" the same as before).

I wonder if Hardcore/Insanity will be unlocked from the go in retail? I wonder if I'm dumb enough to try them? Though coming in with a level 30 character will probably help.

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I think it's just a matter of getting used to pressing back ('s') instead to detach myself from a wall, but all that twitch muscle memory from ME2 is still pretty ingrained.
I'd just argue that you ingrained yourself wrong - I always used back.

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Secondly, I wasn't very happy the look of the custom faces.
I'm not sure the face codes were ever intended for use cross-game like that (especially since the 360 version doesn't expose them). I guess we'll see whether they get mucked up on import or not.

Personally, I found the opening mission a bit trite and convenient.
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