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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Let me put it another way. You have claimed, repeatedly, that people actually wanted the ship to be in "Year of Hell" shape, all the time, and that the majority of the cast should be cold-blooded killers, and or post-breakdown, PTSD-suffering messes, and that Janeway should have been going around demanding supplies from alien races and blowing up their planets if refused. You claimed that VOY detractors actually wanted those specific things on multiple occasions.
Ah, there it is, the un-incredulous, delivered with a completely-straight-face, "Yes", in response to me basically asking if you actually believe something that is absolutely, 100%, batshit insane. Thank you for clearing that up.
Even DITL says that the TNG Cube was a "massive vessel" whereas the TC gets definitive measurements.

Sorry, try again.

I'll note that I don't consider DITL truly definitive; it's a fan site, and the creator acknowledges what parts of his figures are pure speculation. But aside from you being wrong about what DITL says, this does back up my overall point that there IS nothing definitive. Like so much else in Trek, it's ambiguous. A fan site can come to its own conclusion, but shouldn't be taken as infallibly correct.

I'm not touching the stuff about which cube needs to be tougher in combat. I've more than proven my point already, and you are grasping at straws with suggestions that putting down the last dregs of resistance on a planet's surface would somehow require bigger guns than fighting off their starships and primary means of defense, and downplaying starship combat as "just shooting at stuff and getting blown up."
I'm pointing out that if the ENT-D and ENT-E (and the Defiant) can withstand attacks that blow up other Fed ships in one shot, why can't VOY?
I have answered this question, or one very similar to it, a dozen times in a dozen different threads. The question, of course, isn't actually about the ships that can, or cannot, withstand whatever amount of damage, but is about the supposed "double standard" and "Hatedome" toward VOY. They don't exist, and never did.

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