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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Let me put it another way. You have claimed, repeatedly, that people actually wanted the ship to be in "Year of Hell" shape, all the time, and that the majority of the cast should be cold-blooded killers, and or post-breakdown, PTSD-suffering messes, and that Janeway should have been going around demanding supplies from alien races and blowing up their planets if refused. You claimed that VOY detractors actually wanted those specific things on multiple occasions.

It doesn't. Never did.
It does, not as powerful anymore because folks are waking up that the NuBSG approach isn't any good either.

There's no definitive proof of that, sorry.
Even DITL says that the TNG Cube was a "massive vessel" whereas the TC gets definitive measurements.

That doesn't make any sense. We are talking about ships. There's no such thing as a "strategic ship."
Example: The huge mothership/carrier that has the fuel the smaller attack vessels need to go back for when they use theirs up during the course of battle.

The smaller attack ships that need the refueling and support are Tactical Vessels, the Mothership/Carrier is the Strategic vessel they need to survive more than one battle.

So the ships that move in after the fighting is over,
Maybe not all the fighting, just the opening stages of the battles.

tasked with assimilating lots of helpless civilians and dismantling/transporting machines and structures, need more strength and durability than the ships that move in initially, fighting enemy starships, breaking down their defenses, and taking the brunt of whatever resistance the species might offer.
Yes, they need to be tougher to scour out all the people, resisting or hiding, while taking further assaults from remaining forces the Tactical ships couldn't handle or missed, at the same time assimilating the people they find and oversee conversion of the entire planet into a Borg Technosphere if need be.

Sounds a bit more daunting that just shooting at stuff and getting blown up.

As to the rest: you responded to my assertion that it was all hogwash by yammering about the Borg one-shot killing this ship or that. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but my statement about hogwash stands.
I'm pointing out that if the ENT-D and ENT-E (and the Defiant) can withstand attacks that blow up other Fed ships in one shot, why can't VOY?
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