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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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And in Russian Roulette, not everyone who plays dies, still doesn't make playing a good idea.

There is a possibility that your body parts will be replaced, so Janeway and friends being assimilated on purpose still seems stupid.
But they didn't, they got out of it as easily as Picard (body-wise).

And that's pretty silly too.
It still happened, to much less of a fuss than the much more reasonable idea of them making a temporary vaccine.

Hugh's scout ship is the one that crashed on the planet, I'm pretty sure Hugh was retrieved by a Borg Cube.
I'm pretty sure the ship that picked him up was described as being the same type as the one that crashed.

Perhaps, but frankly it does make Assimilation seem less scary if they can just whip up a vaccine for it. The event that scared Picard's life is treated as trivial in this ep.
What scarred him was the mental trauma of what the Borg used him for. Janeway and co didn't go through that because the Borg didn't use them for the same things they used Picard for (assimilation of mankind).

Why don't you go over the TNG board and ask them if they think Descent was a good episode.
I have, it's not that badly received.

Sfdebris mentioned that if the Queen had simply disconnected drones from the Collective and then had them beg for their lives before killing them, that have a bigger impact than blowing up a ship far away and be more efficient.
That would have been validating their existence and treating them as individuals. What she did instead was distant and inhumane while still treating them as "irregularities" within the Collective to be purged and not individuals.
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