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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I don't wanna tell Kirkland how to run his station, but presumably 2800 enemy ships coming out of the wormhole should at least dictate a Yellow Alert, if not Red. And the station is on a front line in wartime, should be pretty sensitive to that.
I had to do a little digging to jog my memory and managed to find this:

Kira called for a yellow alert and the station environment does not change. There is no alert sound, no visible change in lighting. Remember, this was a Cardassian station, not a Federation starship. Because there is no visible or audible alert, we have no idea if someone has already called for yellow or red alert off screen.

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Even if they were down beforehand, and seeing the ships didn't trigger an immediate alert, should be able to get them up before the ships got into transporter range. Even if a few soldiers got beamed onboard before the shields got up, again it's a military outpost in wartime, can't come up with a few security officers to repell the boarders? Gotta abandon the station instead? Bear in mind that the enemy ships are 30 years out of date (and in wartime, tech usually moves forward pretty fast), and your own troops have personal shields, which the enemy shouldn't.
The same video shows a Jem'Hadar easily walking through a level 3 force field, transporting through shields and if my memory is correct, there is also an example of the Dominion being able to transport over extremely long distances. Even in the video above, the Dominion can beam directly to ops all the way from the mouth of the wormhole. Kira barely blurted out yellow alert, raise shields and the Jem'Hadar soldier have already beamed on board. Presumably, the 2800 would use a similar tactic to beam shock troops onto the station the instant they came out of the wormhole.

On a related note, watching the video reminded me it is a really bad idea give the name of Odyssey to the newest and most advanced class of starships the Federation has to offer. USS Odyssey was the Galaxy class that was blown up by the Jem'Hadar. Now I know why why so many newbies have their Odyssey blown to bits by the Borg in STFs.
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