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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

I'll reply to Saito later.

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Except the Borg often replace people's arms and eyes with robotic replacements, so trying to get assimilated on purpose is like playing Russian Roulette with your body parts. Picard got lucky and didn't have any major body parts removed and he didn't choose to get assimilated. Janeway and friends letting themselves willingly get assimilated is extremely foolish.
But bottom line is, Picard didn't have his limbs/eyes/other stuff replaced. And aside from the thing on her eye that also goes inside her head, which is more likely from being assimilated as a child, neither did Seven. The two regular characters who were Borg and neither had themselves sliced up like that, so why can't Janeway get away with the same thing?

Plus assimilation seems far less scary if the Voyager crew can just use technobabble to counter it.
It's not technobabble, it's vaccine. And it was only temporary. Hell, all it took for Hugh to be de-assimilated was being bounced around a lot in a ship crash.

That doesn't make it good, especially when these rebels manage to take over a Borg Sphere, despite being a tiny minority in the Borg, there shouldn't have been enough rebel drones on the Sphere to take it over.
There shouldn't have been enough Renegade Borg in Hugh's group to crew that huge ship while still leaving an army on their HQ planet (their ship was just a scout vessel). Didn't stop them.

That's a huge leap, going from Dr. Crusher's research and seven's knowledge of the Borg, to just whipping up a Vaccination against assimilation. Sounds like the worse kind of techno-babble to me.
They studied Hugh well enough to know how to program a mental virus into him if need be. And they studied Borg nanites pretty extensively in "Scorpion" as well to learn how to re-program them. From all that, is it SO hard to believe they could make a vaccine that temporarily would stall the nanites?

Except a lot of people didn't like Descent either, but Unimatrix Zero is worse in terms of writing.
But Descent still happened with nowhere near the complaining all of VOY's Borg stories got (Unity, Scorpion, etc).

Plus there are other things you didn't touch on that were mentioned in that review, like the Borg Queen blowing up her own ships. That makes the Borg seem supremely stupid, no one won a battle by destroying their own forces.
It was her sadistic way of saying "Look, the Collective is so vast and these Renegades are so few in number that blowing up one Cube does more damage to their forces than to the Collective."

It'd be no different from the Dominion being willing to blow up an entire ship of Jem'Hadar if it meant killing a few of the crew who were the "don't need Ketracel-White" mutants.
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