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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

It's not the fluffiness, it's the formulaic nature of those shows I dislike. It's possible for a show to be both dark/grim and formulaic, and that's no better.

Two examples: Alcatraz and Grimm. I'm running out of patience for both. Is it too much to ask for a show not to cling to the tired mission-of-the-week format? (Ironically, Grimm has a fair amount of humor and charm, which will probably keep me watching after I've bailed on Alcatraz).

Or The River, very dark and gritty and violent. Also very stupid. Not sure I'll stick with that one for long eitehr.

The real problem is the overall lack of quality on TV in general. Light, dark, fluffy, grim, it's the usual tsnuami of crap.
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