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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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There are "plenty folks" who dislike lots of things from day one for various reasons, including every TV show in the history of TV shows. Some of it is rational, some of it is not. Still doesn't prove the existence of a Hatedome.
VOY is the only Trek show that gets its degree of hatred even from the mainstream. Even Enterprise isn't as harshly treated.

Even if it is a common complaint, it still has absolutely nothing to do with the point you are responding to. I will take your refusal to even acknowledge that point as an admission that the outrageous claims to which I WAS referring (i.e. the idea that VOY detractors wanted the ship destroyed, wanted every character to be a blubbering mess suffering from PTSD, wanted Janeway to be blowing up planets, etc.), claims that you have made dozens of times, are all in fact nonsense.
Go read any "VOY should've been like NuBSG!" topics out there.

And for the last time, there IS. NO. HATEDOME! It is pure fiction. You made it up. Or, someone else made it up, and you latched onto it. Either way, it doesn't exist.
It does, not on these forums (anymore) but it does.

"They" (meaning the link you provided) say nothing about the tactical cube's power, only its size. The only one trying to say it's actually significantly weaker than the BoBW cube is you.
It's smaller, slower and doesn't one-shot kill anything like the Assimilation Cube did.

Yeah, being 13-18 (depending on which of the three provided deck #'s you go with for the Sov) decks shorter, and only a little over half as wide, as the Galaxy sure isn't significant.
That's still nowhere near as big the difference as the Tactical Cube/Assimilation Cube gulf (with the TC being like 1/4 or so the size of the AC if not smaller).

I know what you meant. It still doesn't make sense. There's no inherent meaning of "more powerful/effective" or "less powerful/effective." It's really more like "larger scope/long term" vs. "shorter scope/short term".
Typically, something meant for long-term usage/large scope is going to be more powerful/important than something for shorter-scope/short term usage.

And even in real life, applying "tactical" to something usually means it's more powerful than a normal thing that lacks the word.
In real life, I'm pretty sure they don't refer to one warship as a "Tactical Warship" compared to another. Warships are warships, but in Trek the term "tactical" is used synonymously with any type of warship. Seeing how all Borg vessels are Warships more or less, the Tactical name probably just is the same as the real-life meaning of a shorter-term/smaller scope battle-vessel.

That's ridiculous. The ship that's "more for battles" as you say would need to be more powerful in combat.
More for short-term battles meant for softening them up for full-on Assimilation (which requires more effort than just blowing up ships), like the first wave/opening salvo of an invasion.

The only thing that would be required of an "assimilation" cube would be lots of equipment for processing large groups of people, and for "scooping up" (to quote Worf) machinery or structures of interest.
All of which would require a lot more power, strength and durability/endurance than a vessel meant solely for fighting starships (and more likely to be destroyed).

This would occur AFTER the planet's defenses had already
been softened up... which would probably be done by tactical cubes. Because they have better weapons.
Or because they're smaller, weaker, more expendable and less likely to do well with a planetary assault. Like how the Feds still send in Peregrine Fighters and Mirandas as part of the first wave in fleet engagements instead of the big tough Capital ships all the time.

The CLEAR implication is "heavily armed as Borg ships go. REALLY tough to fight. Pick a different one, please."
The Sphere from "Drone" was also "Tactical" but she said nothing like that, and by then they'd already faced a Probe (even though reaction to them beating THAT was negative) so that was the gauge by which they measured Borg vessel strength (seeing how they never fought an Assimilation Cube themselves). "Heavily armed compared to the other vessels we've fought" not "It's the most powerful Cube ever!"

The rest of your post is all utter hogwash that has been debunked repeatedly, so I'm not going to bother.
Look, we've seen in TNG and DS9 that the Borg one-shot kill Feds ships but the ENT-D always survived the same type of assault. So why does VOY have to be one-shot killed but not the ENT-D, ENT-E or Defiant?
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