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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Anwar wrote: View Post
No, not really. They don't have their own webpage or Anti-VOY Legion meetings, but there are plenty folks who just never liked the show right from the start for a variety of reasons: Woman Captain, "Lost in Space" knock-off, etc.
There are "plenty folks" who dislike lots of things from day one for various reasons, including every TV show in the history of TV shows. Some of it is rational, some of it is not. Still doesn't prove the existence of a Hatedome.

And yes, there is a HUGE difference. You can refuse to acknowledge that if you like; it's not my problem.

(Que counter arguments: they hated Voyager for existing, or for not being exactly like TNG and/or DS9, they made your life miserable for ten years as you valiantly rode to the show's defense, etc...)
But it's still a common critique made by the Hatedom.
Even if it is a common complaint, it still has absolutely nothing to do with the point you are responding to. I will take your refusal to even acknowledge that point as an admission that the outrageous claims to which I WAS referring (i.e. the idea that VOY detractors wanted the ship destroyed, wanted every character to be a blubbering mess suffering from PTSD, wanted Janeway to be blowing up planets, etc.), claims that you have made dozens of times, are all in fact nonsense.

And for the last time, there IS. NO. HATEDOME! It is pure fiction. You made it up. Or, someone else made it up, and you latched onto it. Either way, it doesn't exist.
They sure put more research and effort into their findings and conclusions than anyone saying the TC is bigger and stronger.
"They" (meaning the link you provided) say nothing about the tactical cube's power, only its size. The only one trying to say it's actually significantly weaker than the BoBW cube is you.

And it's also worth pointing out that some in-depth fan sites agree with me: that the tactical cube is, if anything, more powerful than a "normal" cube, and that the relative size is too hard to pin down. DITL, for example.
It really isn't significantly smaller, just stretched longer. Not the best comparison.
Yeah, being 13-18 (depending on which of the three provided deck #'s you go with for the Sov) decks shorter, and only a little over half as wide, as the Galaxy sure isn't significant.
I'm using real life terminology, Tactical is short-term and immediate combat whereas Strategic is the long-term war-winning stuff.
I know what you meant. It still doesn't make sense. There's no inherent meaning of "more powerful/effective" or "less powerful/effective." It's really more like "larger scope/long term" vs. "shorter scope/short term".

And even in real life, applying "tactical" to something usually means it's more powerful than a normal thing that lacks the word. This is especially true in Trek, where "tactical" is used to mean "combat specialist" all the damn time, and "strategic" is never used to designate anything, except for Worf on DS9 (because of his role in coordinating large numbers of Starfleet assets; it has nothing to do with how strong anything is).
Which again, indicates it's more for the battles and engagements before proper assimilation (With the big Cubes) and thus less powerful than the bigger Cubes needed to take out planets.
That's ridiculous. The ship that's "more for battles" as you say would need to be more powerful in combat. "take out planets" clearly doesn't mean "blow up planets with firepower", since we've never seen the Borg DO that. The only thing that would be required of an "assimilation" cube would be lots of equipment for processing large groups of people, and for "scooping up" (to quote Worf) machinery or structures of interest. This would occur AFTER the planet's defenses had already been softened up... which would probably be done by tactical cubes. Because they have better weapons.

You are proving my point. Thanks man.
And without true comparison to other Borg vessels, it could just mean "Heavily Armed compared to that Probe you fought a year ago."
No it couldn't. Because that would be a stupid thing to mean on Seven's part.

The context of the conversation is: Janeway wants to attack a Borg ship. "How about this one?" Seven isn't so sure. "That's a tactical cube, heavily armed."

The CLEAR implication is "heavily armed as Borg ships go. REALLY tough to fight. Pick a different one, please."

If you don't see the logic in that, then I don't know what to tell you.

The rest of your post is all utter hogwash that has been debunked repeatedly, so I'm not going to bother.

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