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^ Please let us know if it is spoilercity. I'm pretty sure i won't play the demo, but if it's not full of spoilers i'll hang in there for 3 more weeks.
Will do but it'll probably be tomorrow or thursday. I'll probably only be playing the first level and messing with the character creation bit though. As Arrqh mentions, that shouldn't be too spoilery.

(I too am trying to avoid too many spoilers, but I also want a quick go to see how the various changes affect the game play)

Edit to add:-
Well, I gave it a quick blast and I'll probably be missing from the forum come early march. I'm going to be hooked again, but that wasn't a surprise for this series when it comes to me.

Non spoilery thoughts:-
It's faster paced (which led to me accidentally vaulting a wall when I meant to take cover behind it)
Character creation has been edited slightly but my imported Femshep looked ok. (Used the code to import as the demo doesn't import your saved game but that was expected. There is one quick question to answer for some background history though).

Origin didn't seem to screw things up for me

There aren't too many spoilers in the first level, but it goes straight onto the second mission of the demo without a pause and there are spoilers in the cut scene before that level starts.
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