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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Definitely not sf/f but Zachary Levi landed a role in a sitcom for Fox:
Shoot, that's such a waste for him to end up in some completely generic sounding network comedy (as all network comedies are now). But it was inevitable - that's probably the best gig for a comic on TV, vs doing some little show on cable.

I have the complete opposite reaction when it comes to SyFy, at this point I'll try pretty much anything they do. SG-1, SG:A, Farscape, Eureka, W13, BSG, and Caprica are all favorites of mine.
There are some good shows in that list, but they're no longer airing. The day SyFy attempts a new Farscape or BSG or even Caprica, sure, I'll check it out.

In fact, I do check out every new scripted drama they show, but lately it's just one reject after another, mainly because their current lineup is too derivative of stuff I've already seen done better in other shows. I'd probably have more patience for a space opera as long as it's even passably tolerable but I've run out of patience for cop shows in sf/f window dressing.

Say what you will about BSG, or Farscape but those shows took some risks and were better because of it.
Exactly. That's why I was tolerant of Caprica's flaws (lack of focus, meandering plotline). At least it showed some ambition and guts. But I won't waste two seconds on mediocrity. Well, not unless Joe Flanigan is in it...

I found W13 a mediocre show in its first couple of years, but it really rose to a new level this past season and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.
Ysee, I'm not willing to wait two years for a show to get good. It should be good in two minutes, or forget it. (However, I might get S3 through Netflix sometime, if it really has improved radically.)

The latest season finale for Warehouse 13 is the best thing the show has done so far. And whatever sort of reset button they use is going to be a massive let down.
Okay wait one minute. Is S3 better or just the last episode of S3? One good episode every three years is not much of a recommendation!
Well, there's nothing wrong with light and fluffy,
Yes there is. It's trivial and boring and not worth my time unless Joe Flanigan is in it.
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