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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I don't wanna tell Kirkland how to run his station, but presumably 2800 enemy ships coming out of the wormhole should at least dictate a Yellow Alert, if not Red. And the station is on a front line in wartime, should be pretty sensitive to that.

Even if they were down beforehand, and seeing the ships didn't trigger an immediate alert, should be able to get them up before the ships got into transporter range. Even if a few soldiers got beamed onboard before the shields got up, again it's a military outpost in wartime, can't come up with a few security officers to repell the boarders? Gotta abandon the station instead? Bear in mind that the enemy ships are 30 years out of date (and in wartime, tech usually moves forward pretty fast), and your own troops have personal shields, which the enemy shouldn't.

in-story, things went wrong because the plot needed them to, just pointing out that it seems a little silly. Especially since these are time-displaced troops, and the war is over. Shouldn't take much more than a call to the Founders, pointing out that we found their dog on our lawn, please come pick it up...
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