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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

25. Hugo (A-)

Hugo: I'm glad I got to see the latest Scorsese picture, which has briefly returned to theaters as a result of its Oscar nomination for Best Picture. It's not a perfect movie (for a film that's allegedly aimed at kids, it's a little long), but I really enjoyed it. Even the 3-D was okay, although not worth the expense, nor particularly essential to the movie. I thought it would be hard to look past where the story mythologizes history, but the film doesn't do it as often as I thought it would (although we get to see people screaming and running during the Lumiere train short twice, an event that historians seem to think never happened). But it's a kid's movie, and a genuine love letter to silent cinema. On top of that, it's easily Scorsese's best movie since his last collaboration with screenwriter John Logan, The Aviator.

(Which makes me wonder even more: how did that guy write such an awful Star Trek movie?)

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