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Re: "Europa" a [contemporary space adventure] in dev.

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The BBC did a movie length TV one called Space Odyssey which wasn't half bad. Can't remember when they did it though.
2004. see that Defying Gravity was inspiried by
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It's actually more like a fully dramatized version of Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, a BBC miniseries that presented a fictional near-future "Grand Tour" of the Solar System in a faux-documentary format.
I saw it too after I saw Defying Gravity. I liked the CGI a lot in it and could see that in Defying Gravity the international spacecraft Antares design which was very similar to the nuclear thermal rocket powered Pegasus spacecraft in Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets and it also reminded me of the Icarus II in the 2007 film Sunshine.
I would have liked a USA created series with a higher budget.
I'm a big fan of production design on ship-based scenes in scifi series and can appreciate the set designers and look of ships and space stations such as the early scenes in the Fantastic Four (2005) film even though they only last maybe 15 minutes on the space station.
Let's see what we'll get with Europa...
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