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Re: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey 2x01

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I think it's down to the actors -- I know that the show treats Edith like a fifth wheel but Laura Carmichael brings some character and intensity to the role, while Sybil seems to be doing important stuff yet Jessica Brown-Findlay can't do anything better than to look hot and be bland.
Agreed. And it doesn't help that Branson often comes off as unlikeable. I mean, sure, he's passionate and politically committed and all, but this is also a guy who was going to dump a tray of sludge over a visiting guest's head, just to make a political statement; who turned the news of Tsar's family being slaughtered into yet another romantic appeal to Sybil ("Sometimes sacrifices need to be made.), and who often came off as borderline-stalkery where Sybil is concerned.

Granted, the latter may just be because Jessica Brown-Findlay wasn't selling her side of their grand passion, so his scenes with her may have come off as more one-sided than the producers intended!
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