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comtemporary space-set TV

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Defying Gravity was contemporary space travel through the solar system, and I think it was cancelled before they got much of anywhere.
Yes it was the most contemporary take on a scifi show set in space. The TrekBBS community did not like it as the show dumbed down the science and was trying to bring different audiences to that show.
The series was pitched to networks as "Grey's Anatomy in space". by
executive producer James Parriott, who previously worked on Grey’s Anatomy and executive producer Michael Edelstein who also worked for Desperate Housewives
It attempted to bring a 18-34 female audience to a sci-fi soap opera and the soap opera turned off most scifi fans. Not a good mix.
I was glad to see a major broadcast network do a scifi show set in space. It was a co-production and aired internationally. It will not be the last show set on a spaceship or space station.
I really liked the production design and costumes. It had a good amount of flashback scenes set on Earth though which while necessary for a first season I don't think would be necessary for future seasons. I think due to the cost of building sets for this type of movie genre the ship sets should be reused for another TV show in development to keep pilot costs down. Of course it may hurt a movie sequel.
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