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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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do you get the 3d tools to work its not active on the free version of Sketchup 8 that I downloaded ?
I'm not sure what you mean by the 3D tools. I'm also using the free version...although considering that Sketchup Pro is just under $500 I'm seriously considering stepping up, but I want to see how ell I progress first. That said if and when I feel proficient enough with Sketchup I may try learning something like Blender which is another free program rather than paying for an upgrade.

I'm not looking too far ahead here because when I look at some of the other programs like Lightwave, Cinema 4D and Maya and others I feel rather intimidated. Strata 3D CX6 doesn't actually look bad, but again you have to pay to get something more than a tryout version.

I can find some of the tools fickle which could be something buggy in the system. Like a Move or Scale tool that seems to have a spot at a certain angle that won't work or works clumsily occasionally. I find I like to get exact measurements and then punch those in rather than trying to adjust something strictly by eye. I've also found you have to be aware of hidden geometry or lines or surfaces that aren't locked or grouped because they can really affect the element you're trying to work on. And it's easy to forget something you should have locked or erased just like garbage laying around that you can trip on.
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