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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

23skidoo wrote: View Post
The official IDW announcement:

Is anyone here a member of the Gallifrey Base?
The reaction over there has been odd.

First, the mods wouldn't allow discussion of the comic in the Who magazine and comic forum. Until today they keep moving posts and merging them into a thread in the general forum whenever someone posts in the comic forum about it. Now today, they've moved it all back over to comics. It's quite bizarre.

Second, the reaction, which is what I think you're interested in, has been generally muted. There's one person who says it can't possibly "count" because it's in a comic book that's not published by Panini. The issue of Star Trek as a fictional entity within the Doctor Who universe has been brought up many times. (Someone suggested, in all seriousness, that there should be a knowing meta level to the story, along the lines of the "Visit to a Weird Planet" and "Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited" Star Trek fanfic stories.) And there are some who are upset that Star Trek is sullying their beloved Doctor Who. I'd say that, of the people who have posted, the postives are running about equal to the negative reactions.

(Honestly, the easy workaround on the "Spock" reference is an untold crossover where the ninth Doctor and Rose met Spock. )

By the way, Alex, do you have a link to that "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" post? I think I'd really like to read it.
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