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I apparently have never even SEEN this strange version of ME2 you seem to have played.
Pretty much what Skywalker posted. Or even not as a sole survivor, simply for what they did to Admiral Kohoku during ME1. My Shep would have shot Miranda & Jacob on the station at the start & stolen the shuttle, had she been given the option.
Where as mine is lets find out why they brought someone back from the dead who blew up some of their bases back from the dead as it might be important, epecially since there are later oportunities to blow up Cerberus bases.

After that it was either work with them or deal with the Council who want to stick their heads in the sand while the Reapers kill everyone, while everybody else seems to forget THEIR STILL COMING.

Besides My Shep probably crippled their organization by walking away with most of their non-racists nutcase members which is possibly most of their members period according to EDI, and I got a new ship out of it.
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